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Hi girls!

Today’s product review is a little bit strange, because it was very difficult for me to form a personal opinion about it. I’m talking about a sheet of nail vinyls that I received from Born Pretty Store.

The sheet contains 9 single-use nail vinyls. To use them you just need to place them over dry nail polish, apply a coat of a different nail polish and then remove them.

Even if they are apparently very easy to use, they are a little bit temperamental. First, when you peel them off you must be sure that they come away as you see in the picture below: if they don’t, you’ll need to remove the exceeding stickers from the holes with a pair of tweezers.


Once placed these stickers on nails, I tried to apply nail polish in three different ways before finding the best one. First I tried with a sponge, but the result wasn’t nice. Then I painted nail polish perpendicularly to the stripes (so: horizontal stripes-vertical strokes) but the result wasn’t neat after removing the stickers. The best way was to follow the same way of the stripes (horizontal stripes-horizontal strokes), which makes the design look a little more precise, but anyway I couldn’t manage to get a 100% neat result.

Even if these stickers are meant to create perfectly identical stripes, once applied on nails they could distort a little bit so that stripes would not look of the same size anymore. You can see it well on my nail art.

The other products I used are:

  • White nail polish: Mi-Ny, Glam Lacquer n. 1, Miss Marylin (review)
  • Black nail polish: Astra, Expert Gel Effect n. 24, Noir Foncé
  • Nail decorations: Born Pretty Store (review)
  • Top coat: Mi-Ny, Sublime Gel Polish Top Coat

Anyway, the nail art I obtained with these stickers definitely came up to be a big nail fail, and surely it is more my fault than stickers’ fault. Probably it’s me that I am not able to use correctly nail stickers, but for this reason I wouldn’t buy them again.

There are many ways to do stripes on nails, so I tried to do the same nail art with a different technique which I am more comfortable with: nail stamping, yay! I used the plate Holy Shapes 17 by MoYou London and stamped a clean, neat and precise stripe design 😀

Born Pretty Store 10% off code: DEGX31

Born Pretty Store 10% off code: DEGX31

If you are a nail stamping geek and/or if you are a disaster to use nail vinyls as I am, I’d suggest you to give up on nail stickers and buy yourself a striped stamping plate 😛 On the contrary, if you have more experience with nail stickers than me, you can try these stickers and you will surely get a better result!

In any case, you can find these stickers on Born Pretty Store for 2,12USD and you can buy them from here: 9 Tips/Sheet Nail Vinyls Grid Nail Art Stencils Holo Nail Stickers L112. Plus, if you use my code DEGX31 when paying your order, you will get a 10% off discount on full-priced products!

What about you? Do you prefer stamping plates or nail stickers? 🙂



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