Essie, Sole Mate

Now that we are definitely in the middle of autumn, I want to show you a perfect fall nail polish: Sole Mate by Essie. Actually, you have already seen it some time ago, when I used it for this nail art ;).

Sole Mate is a stunning dark plum creme nail polish, plus it has a fuchsia undertone which flatters cold-undertoned skins like mine.

Sole Mate comes in the typical Essie‘s rectangular and super elegant 13,5ml glass bottle. The brush is the only one thing that I really don’t like, because European Essie polishes have a flat and very wide brush, which doesn’t work well on short and small nails. When using this brush I always end up painting all my cuticles, and then I have to lose a lot of time to clean up everything, which is not so funny, right?

When I first applied Sole Mate I was all “OMG OMG OMG” for the formula, which is just perfectly fluid, self-leveling and opaque from the very first coat. Anyway, to get a perfectly opaque manicure, you’ll definitely need two coats. I suggest you to paint thin coats since the drying time is not so fast.

There is one aspect of this nail polish that I’d like to point out in my review: it is very sensitive to all the imperfections on the nail surface, so it will not hide them at all, but it will rather enhance them. So, be careful when applying Sole Mate: use a smoothing base (also in two coats if necessary), or apply it over a gel nail polish base as I did for my pictures.

So, it isn’t an easy nail polish and you should learn how to deal with it, but then you will love it! Just look at it: isn’t it beautiful? In the shade it looks more bordeaux, while under the sun it shows its fuchsia shade. And it’s also super glossy: in my pictures I’m wearing two coats of Sole Mate without top coat: gorgeous, right?

Despite of its small flaws, Sole Mate is for me an amazing nail polish and I am happy to have it in my collection: I love the colour and it is so elegant! If you are inclined to deal with it a little bit, you won’t regret buying it! On the contrary, if you are looking for something easier to deal with, you should find something else.

What do you think about it? Yay or nay? 😛




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