Harunouta, Stamping Plate 春の歌 L010

Today I have for you a new nail art realised with the nail stamping technique! Lately I’ve become more and more interested in this technique, which is probably my favourite ever, and for this reason every time I get a new package with some stamping tools inside I feel happy as a kid on Christmas! 😀

For my nail art I used a new plate I got from Born Pretty Store: it’s Harunouta stamping plate L010 from the 春の歌 collection. Ok, I have absolutely no idea of what 春の歌, so I just limit myself to write the informations I find on the website 😛

The plate costs 5,99 USD, but actually is discounted to 2,99, which is quite a good price for such a big plate! You can buy it from here: 春の歌 12*6cm Rectangle Nail Art Stamp Template Checked Design Image Plate Harunouta L010.

The plate is big and rectangular and it contains many fabric patterns: mostly there are plaid patterns, but we find also some sweater patterns and two houndstooth designs. Overall we have 18 different designs, but only 14 of them can be used as full-nail designs, because the 4 patterns on the two longer sides of the plate are too small to cover a whole nail. In my opinion the full-nail patterns are big enough to cover most of the nail sizes, unless you have extra long nails.

The design that inspired me the most was the houndstooth pattern, so I decided to use it for my nail art. The plate worked quite well, but at the first moment I had some difficulties in scraping the nail polish on the design. I had to try three different scrapers before finding the one that worked the best on this plate, which is a clear plastic scraper from Born Pretty Store (you can see it in the picture below).

I used the MoYou Crystal Clear Stamper to stamp the design on my nail, which is for me the perfect clear stamper. You have already seen it in this post.

BORNPRETTY Design Nail Art Scraper 2pcs/SET

The other products I used for this manicure are:

  • Red nail polish: Mi-Ny, Glam Lacquer n. 143, Red Twenty
  • White nail polish: Mi-Ny, Glam Lacquer n. 1, Miss Marylin (review)
  • Black stamping nail polish: Essence, Stampy Polish n. 02, Black
  • Matte top coat: Wet ‘n’ Wild, Wild Shine Matte Top Coat


You have no idea of how much I loved this manicure! I wore it for many days without getting tired of it! I just love the combination of red, white and black, and I think that the matte effect gives an extra boost to this nail art 🙂 Do you agree?

Born Pretty Store 10% off code: DEGX31

Born Pretty Store 10% off code: DEGX31

As always, feel free to use my coupon code DEGX31 to get a 10% off discount on full-priced items on Born Pretty Store!




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