Born Pretty Store, 3D Golden Nail Stickers

Today’s nail art is, in my opinion, one of the best works I realised in recent times. Not because of my technical skills – you’ll see that it’s super easy to do! -, but just because I LOVE how the colour combination, the decorations and the matte finish look together!

Believe me: it’s really a simple nail art, I just applied some golden stickers over nail polish to get the result I wanted. In this post I’ll talk in detail about the stickers I used: just continue reading! 🙂

The stickers I used for my nail art are the ones you see in the picture over here. They come from Born Pretty Store and they contain: 5 “linear” long decorations, 12 diamond shaped decorations in various styles and sizes, and 10 flowers in various sizes.

They are available in gold (as mine) and in silver, and they can be bought for 1,94$ (now discounted to 0,99$) from here: 1 Sheet Adhesive 3D Nail Sticker Dreamy Flower Gold/Silver Decal Nail Decoration DTL121.

If you order from Born Pretty Store you can also use my coupon code DEGX31 to get a 10% off discount on full priced products.

Born Pretty Store 10% off code: DEGX31

The stickers’ application is very easy, you’ll just need to place them wherever you want and then press a little bit to make them adhere to nails.

They have a slight 3D effect that becomes almost invisible after applying top coat, which is just ok for me because I don’t like having a non-smooth nail surface.

I just recommend you to be careful when removing your manicure, because these stickers don’t come away with nail polish remover: so, try to peel them off before!

As a background colour for this manicure I applied two coats of Sole Mate by Essie, a stunning dark bordeaux with a fuchsia undertone. When it was dry I placed the stickers, cutting them with a nail clipper, and then I completed my manicure with the Wild Shine Matte Top Coat by Wet ‘n’ Wild, a great product that I wish to talk you about as soon as possible.

I really love this manicure, sometimes the simple things are just the best ones!

However, I must admit that before this great result I tried to make a different nail art with the same products that it turned to be a real nail fail 😛 Here it is:

Ok, maybe the idea was good, but I had a lot of trouble while bringing it to life. Many problems came out when I decided to use the stickers for a french manicure: first, a small transparent piece of the stickers came out from the nails, which was horrible to see (and it was also too short to cut it away). Plus, the linear stickers aren’t as long as you’ll need to cover all the nails: I just managed to decorate the four nails you see in the picture, and then I didn’t have enough to decorate the remaining six nails. Good idea, bad realisation.
However, now I can suggest you not to use these stickers for a french manicure: use them in any other way, but not for a french, trust me!

Anyway, I must see that I liked these stickers pretty much and I also suggest you to try them, but not for a french manicure! 😛

Have a nice week!




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