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Today I have for you a true surrealistic nail art dedicated to Salvador Dalì! It wasn’t too hard to realise, since I used some adorable water decals I bought during my recent order from Hypnotic Polish.


These water decals are from the russian brand MILV and are sold by Hypnotic Polish. They are really cheap (1,50€) and they include 10 full-nail designs: I like them because they are quite big and long, but they can be adapted and positioned also on short and narrow nails. I have already had a bad experience with a set of stickers by Born Pretty Store that didn’t look nice on short nails, so I was very happy to see that these water decals are good also for short nails, as you can see in my pictures 😉

You will need to apply a white nail polish before positioning MILV water decals, otherwise the designs will not look good! I painted two coats of my beloved Miss Marylin by Mi-Ny.

These water decals do not have a protective transparent film to peel off before application: they only need to be cut and soaked for some seconds into water. Then, when the pattern will separate from the white cardboard support, you can take it and place it on your nail. Once positioned I suggest you to wait some time to make them dry a little bit, then apply top coat (be very gentle when applying top coat, otherwise you may take away some parts of the design), and once dried clean up your cuticles.
So, generally application is pretty easy, you’ll just need to be careful when applying top coat! These decals also lasted for quite a long time, more than 5 days!

I have been very happy to wear these decals: I have always been fascinated by the idea of wearing some pieces of art on my nails! 🙂 If you are interested to them you can buy them from here:

I hope you enjoyed this post!



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