MoYou London Online Shop: my shopping experience!


If you love decorating your nails and have a special interest in nail stamping technique, you will probably already know MoYou London, a brand from London that produces mainly stamping tools.
I have always been attracted by MoYou London‘s products, especially by their plates that truly look as pieces of art! I bought my very first MoYou London plate in my Hypnotic Polish order, and when I saw the plate it was so amazing that I immediately decided to get some more plates, so I placed an order directly from the MoYou London official online shop.

There are many websites that sell MoYou London‘s products, but I decided to buy from the official english online store ( because it is much more furnished than any other shop and also because it offers free shipping worldwide for orders over 25£ (but only if you don’t buy nail polish).

Free shipping is available only if your order does not contain nail polishes: I ordered 5 plates and a stamper, so I could obtain the free shipping. Unfortunately this shipping method isn’t trackable, which is something I usually don’t like, but I must say that this time I didn’t have to wait much for my order to come: it took less than 2 weeks from England to Italy!

My order was packed in a typical padded envelope, which is ok to keep products safe, but I must admit that I would have appreciated to see a better looking packaging for the products inside the envelope, or at least I would have been glad to receive a small free gift together with the products I bought. I know that this isn’t something that really matters, but anyway I think it would be cute, do you agree? 😉

Anyway, the products I bought are really amazing: I won’t show them to you now, but you will see them in action in my future posts! I just want to say that the plates are just incredible! I also wanted to buy a crystal clear stamper, because I want to see how much it is different from the Born Pretty clear stamper I own. I’ll let you know soon! 😉

Definitely I am really happy with my order from the MoYou London official english online shop, and I’ll surely buy again from this website. If you are interested in MoYou London‘s products I think that this is one of the best shops that sells them, both for the huge product selection and for the chance to get free shipping. Otherwise, if you want to order nail polishes and nail art tools also from some different brands, you can read my post about Hypnotic Polish, that sells not only products by MoYou London.

If you want to know something more about my experience on MoYou London official online shop just let me know in comments! 🙂




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