Hypnotic Polish: my shopping experience!


Hi girls!

I’m finally back on my blog after a holiday break, and now I want to talk you about my experience on the website Hypnotic Polish!

Hypnotic Polish is an online store that sells tons of nail polishes and nail art stuff of many different indie brands. I have been craving for this nail polishes for ages and finally I decided to place an order, thanks also to a gift card that I received for my birthday.

Hypnotic Polish ships almost worldwide from the Netherlands. You can find the shipping rates here. Personally I spent quite a lot (11,95€ just for shipping), but I couldn’t do otherwise.

My shopping experience on Hypnotic Polish was just perfect: they accept PayPal, their customer service is very kind and competent (I asked them to add some more items before the order was shipped and they did it without any problem), shipping is tracked and fast. My order took just 6 working days from the Netherlands to Italy! The order was packed in purple tissue paper and it contained also a hand written “thank you” message and a small cute biscuit as a gift.

Here you can see how it looked:



I really enjoyed my shopping on Hypnotic Polish, and definitely this won’t be my last order from them! My only hope is that sooner or later they could find a way to lower the shipping rates, because now they are very expensive and they stop us a bit in making new orders.

See you on monday with a new post!




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