Sugar Plum Jelly Nail Art


Hi girls!

Today I’m showing you another nail art I did with the sand effect purple nail polish that I have already used for my latest manicure. I was inspired by all those lovely sweet candies with a purple and white swirl 🙂


You’ll need very few things to recreate this nail art. I used the following products:

  • Peel-off base (for sand effect nail polish): Mi-Ny, Peel Off Base
  • White base coat: Essence, Colour Booster Base Coat
  • Nail guides: Born Pretty Store
  • Sand effect nail polish: Mi-Ny, Sugar Chic, Plum Jelly


First I applied one coat of peel-off base coat on my thumb, my pointer and my pinky, and two coats of white base coat on my middle and ring finger. Then I did two coats of purple nail polish on my pointer, my thumb and my pinky. On my middle and ring finger I placed the adhesive guides and then I painted the free spaces with purple nail polish. I didn’t apply top coat because I wanted to keep the sand effect of the purple nail polish.


The adhesive guides I used are from Born Pretty Store and they are part of a set that contains three different shapes: french manicure guides, chevron guides and fancy guides (the ones I used in this manicure). They are very cheap (only 1,58 USD) and you can find them here: 3pcs French Circle/Arrow/Fancy Manicure Tip Guides Strip Nail Art Toes.

Mi-Ny nail polish costs 5,90€ (now discounted to 4,10€) and you can find it here.

Do you like this nail art? 🙂




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