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Hi girls!

Today I’m reviewing some nail wraps from Born Pretty Store: they represent the well-known Starry Night painting by Van Gogh, but sadly I didn’t like them too much.


This nail wraps set contains 14 full nail stickers of 7 differente sizes. Sadly most of them are too large for medium/small nails: in my case I had to cut away 2-3mm from one side of the sticker to make it fit my thumb and my pointer nail.


There are two reasons why I didn’t like those nail wraps. First, the design is too big for short or medium lenght nails: as you can see on my short nails, the Starry Night by Van Gogh is now barely recognizable. The other reason is that is very difficult to cut away the exceeding part of the stickers without ruining the manicure: I used a nail file to remove the excess but it didn’t come away all together, but it chipped in small pieces, so the manicure doesn’t look clean and neat but ruined on the tips.


Anyway, those stickers do also have some good qualities: they are very thin and that makes them easy to apply. They fit perfectly the nail, thanks also to the good glue on the back.

They are also easy and quick to remove, I just had to peel them off and then remove the glue excess from the nail with a nail polish remover.

Born Pretty Store 10% off code: DEGX31

Born Pretty Store 10% off code: DEGX31

I didn’t like those nail wraps very much, mostly because they are not good for my short and narrow nails, but anyway I think it would be fine for girls with long and wide nails. This disappointed me a little bit, because I loved the idea of wearing a famous painting on my nails.

In any case, if you want to try them, you can find them at 3,99 dollars (now discounted at 2) by following this link: 1 Sheet Nail Wraps Mysterious Starry Sky Night Patterned Full Nail Sticker. Again, if you have short or medium nails, I would suggest you to choose something else from Born Pretty Store, they have a wide variety of products! You can always use my coupon code DEGX31 to get a 10% off discount.

Have a nice day! See you soon 🙂



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