Egyptian Hieroglyphs Nail Art


Hi girls, welcome back on my blog!

Today’s post is dedicated to a really original nail art, dedicated to Egyptian hieroglyphs! 😀 I’ve been inspired by a new stamping plate I received as a press sample by Born Pretty Store: QA-Y029. I also had the chance to try my new clear transparent jelly stamper for the first time! 😉


Here you can see all the products I used:

  • Base: P2 Cosmetics, Calcium Gel
  • Gold nail polish: deBBY colorPLAY 72
  • Stamping plate: QA-Y029
  • Stamper: Born Pretty Store
  • Black nail polish: Astra, Gel Expert n. 24 (Noir Foncé)
  • Top Coat: Essence, Gel-Look Plumping Top Coat (review)


This is a pretty simple nail art: once applied the base coat, I did two coats of gold nail polish. Then I stamped the Egyptian designs with black nail polish, and finally I applied top coat.

Plate QA-Y029 works good, patterns are well defined and transfer easily on stamper. I only suggest you to use a specific stamping polish, otherwise designs will look a bit discolored: I used a non-specific stamping polish and I had to paint with black nail polish over the designs.


I have always wanted a clear stamper, because it allows me to place my designs wherever I want. This stamper is fully transparent, and is very easy to use. It has also a transparent cap to protect it when you aren’t using it. It captures well the designs and it is also very easy to clean: you’ll just need to use some scotch tape to take away dirt and hair.

This stamper is sold together with a simple plastic scraper, but I didn’t use it because I prefer other scrapers.


The plate costs 3,99 USD (now discounted at 1,99) and the stamper is 4,99 (now discounted at 2,99). They are often discounted, so you should find them at a lower price, but if they’re not, you can still use my coupon code DEGX31 to get a 10% off discount.

You can find the plate here: Crane Camel Animal Pattern Nail Art Stamp Template Image Plate QA-Y029. For the stamper follow this link: 2pcs/set Clear Jelly Stamper with Cap Nail Art Clear Silicone Marshmallow Nail Stamper & Scraper.


What do you think of this nail art? Quite original, isn’t it? 😛




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