Layla Ceramic Effect 64, African Violet


Hi girls, welcome back on my blog! 🙂

Today I’m showing you a gorgeous nail polish by the Italian brand Layla Cosmetics: I’m talking about the Ceramic Effect Nail Polish n. 64 (African Violet), which is an amazing iridescent violet with a blue duochrome shimmer finish.


The Ceramic Effect nail polishes by Layla cost 7,66€ and can be bought easily in many shops in Italy, but if you live abroad and want to try one of them you can still buy them online. There is an official shop by Layla Cosmetics that offers international shipping (even if it’s a little bit expensive), but you can also find them on many other online stores, such as Amazon, Ebay, NailPolishCanada, Harlow&Co, Ninja Polish, Color4Nails and many others.

Inside the glass bottle we find 10ml of nail polish that expires in 36 months.

The brush is round and it has the right size to make nail polish application easy. I just don’t like the lenght of the brush handle, because I think it makes the grip a little bit uncomfortable.


Now let’s see some swatches!

African Violet is fully opaque after 2-3 coats, and it’s formula is smooth and self-leveling. It dries really fast. Without top coat it isn’t very glossy, as you can see in my pictures.

It lasts perfectly for 3 days without top coat.


African Violet is just an amazing nail polish: not only a shimmer, but also a duochrome! On my nails it looks even better than in the bottle: it continuously shifts from purple to blue, and the colour looks different under any kind of lighting. On my pictures I tried to capture as best as I could the colour shift…I hope I succeeded in doing this! 🙂 The small glitters inside this nail polish are blue, and they enhance the duochrome effect.


I hope you liked this nail polish as much as I do! It became part of my collection just a few days ago, but I’m already in love with it and that’s why I decided to show it to you as soon as possible 😀

Have a great week!




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