Delicate Daisies Spring Nail Art


Hi ladies!

Today I’m showing you one of my latest spring nail arts 🙂

In spring I love wearing pastel colours and floral patterns, both on my clothes and on my nails! So I decided to do a delicate manicure with some small painted daisies.


These are the products I used for this manicure:

  • Base coat: P2 Cosmetics, 4 in 1 Complete Care
  • Aqua green nail polish: Mi-Ny Cosmetics, Glam Lacquer n. 48 (Alchemilla)
  • White nail polish: Mi-Ny Cosmetics, Glam Lacquer n. 1 (Miss Marylin)
  • Glittery white nail polish: Look by Bipa, Coloured Sand Nail Polish n. 5 (Glitter White)
  • Acrylic colours
  • Nail art brushes
  • Dotter
  • Top coat: P2 Cosmetics, 4 in 1 Complete Care


First I painted my thumb and my ring finger nails with one coat of plain white nail polish and two coats of glittery white nail polish. Then I painted the other nails with an aqua green nail polish.

Later I painted the little daisies with the acrylic colours: first I did the white petals, and then I placed a small yellow dot inside the flowers.

In the end I applied a glossy top coat to make my nail art shine, but I did not put it on the glittery white nails because I liked the 3D effect of the glittery nail polish.

I hope you liked my nail art! 🙂




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