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Hi girls!

Today I have another Born Pretty Store product review for you! I had the opportunity to try a sheet of shell paper, which is a piece of paper that really looks like mother-of-pearl. It’s sticky on the back, and it’s most commonly used on gel UV nails. I tried to use it with common nail polishes and I did a shattered glass mani.


This shell paper sheet by Born Pretty Store is pretty big (it’s about 8x5cm) and so it can be easily used for two or three nail arts. The back is sticky, and once placed a piece of paper on the nail, it can’t be removed and replaced: so, mistakes are not allowed!

The sheet is a bit thick: this is not a problem with gel nail polishes because they fully cover the nail decorations, but it’s quite uncomfortable with normal nail polishes, because the decorations can come off very easily.


I had to try a lot before obtaining a nice nail art: the shell paper was very hard to apply, because it often came off from the nails leaving a silvery leftover on the nail surface.


First, I applied two coats of white nail polish, the Colour Booster Base by Essence Cosmetics. Then I placed the shell paper pieces on my nails. I cut them in triangular shapes, so that they could remind of broken glass pieces. In the end I applied a glossy top coat (4 in 1 Complete Care by P2 Cosmetics) to secure the decorations.


I must say that this shell paper is not good to be used with normal nail polishes, so I would recommend it only if you are going to use it on UV gel nails. If you want to decorate your natural nails with normal nail polish, I would suggest to buy some different products.

This shell paper costs 3,69 USD (but it’s actually discounted to 1,99) and it is available in many different patterns and colours. You can find it here: 1pc Shiny Nail Art Shell Paper Glitter Paper Holographic Papers Acrylic Decorations-16 Patterns.


As always you can use the coupon code DEGX31 to get a 10% off discount on your orders on Born Pretty Store.

Kisses and have a nice week!



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