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Hi girls!

If you love nail arts but you don’t want to spend your time doing them (or if you don’t have time at all!) you will probably love the product I’m showing you today: I’m talking about a sheet of decorated nail wraps, very easy and quick to apply!

I like nail wraps because they give you a perfect manicure in just a few seconds! 🙂


The nail wraps I’m showing you today come from Born Pretty Store: they have a clear base with silver sparkles, and they are decorated with blue flowers and black leaves. Since these stickers have a clear base colour, I have decided to paint my nails with white nail polish before applying these nail wraps.

Inside the package we have 12 nail stickers (in 6 different sizes) and a small cardboard nail file. The sizes were perfect for my nails, but they could not fit well every nail: if they look too big for your nails my suggestion is to cut away the exceeding lateral part after having placed them on nails.


These stickers are super easy to apply: once removed the protective film you’ll just have to place them on your nails and then file your nails to cut away the excess! 🙂

I applied them over a white nail polish, the Colour Booster Base by Essence, because I didn’t want to see my bare nail under the stickers! Anyway I think that a silver nail polish as a base would have looked great too *-*


The glue of these stickers is very sticky and also quite resistant: I wore this nail art for 3 days and the stickers stayed on my nails for all the time! I applied a top coat over the nail wraps and I think that this has been a good idea to make them last longer!

These stickers were also easy to remove and the glue didn’t damage my nails at all. Anyway I suggest you to wear a protective base coat every time, also when you’re wearing nail wraps, because it’s very important to take care of our nails 🙂


I really love nail wraps, I think it will be very nice wearing them for a party night or for a special day.

These nail wraps cost 2,78 USD on Born Pretty Store and you can buy them from here: 1 Sheet Nail Wraps Elegant Blue Flowers Patterned Full Nail Sticker. Also don’t forget to use my code DEGX31 to get a 10% off discount! 🙂

Born Pretty Store 10% off code: DEGX31

Born Pretty Store 10% off code: DEGX31

I hope you liked these nail wraps and you enjoyed discovering something about these kind of products! 🙂

Have a nice week



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