Born Pretty Store, Bling Bling 3D Decorations


Hi girls!

Today I’m showing you a new quick and easy nail art!

For this manicure I wanted to play with contrasts: black/white, mat/glossy, dark/light. I also wanted to highlight these lovely diamond 3D decorations by Born Pretty Store!


These are the products I used for this nail art:

  • Protective base coat: P2 Cosmetics, Calcium Gel Base
  • Black nail polish: Kiko, Quick Dry Nail Lacquer n. 819 (Black)
  • White nail polish: Essence, Colour Booster Base Coat
  • Glittery white nail polish: Look by Bipa, Coloured Sand Nail Polish n. 5 (Glitter White)
  • Matte top coat: Wet ‘n’ Wild, Matte Top Coat
  • 3D diamond nail decorations: Born Pretty Store


First I applied the protective base coat on my nails, and then I did two coats of white nail polish on my ring finger and on my thumb, and two coats of black nail polish on the other nails.

Then I applied one coat of glittery white nail polish over the white nails, and one coat of matte top coat over the black nails.

Finally, I placed the Born Pretty Store 3D decorations over the black matte nails.


As you can see this nail art is super easy to do, and it can be worn with many different looks. I wanted to apply two different sizes of the 3D decorations, but I think that this manicure would look lovely also only with the decorations of the smallest size.


I love those 3D decorations, they are so pretty and easy to apply thanks to their flat back. I like them also because they come in four different sizes and I love how they reflect the light. They look almost like diamonds!

As always, I’m leaving you the link where you can find them (they cost 2,78 USD): 130Pcs/bottle Multiple Colors Bling-bling Mixed Acrylic 3D Nail Art Decoration.

Remember also to use the code DEGX31 to get a 10% off discount on your orders on Born Pretty Store!


I hope you liked my manicure!

Have a nice weekend!



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