Kiko Nail Lacquer 506, Venus Pink

kikorosa5Hi girls!

I’m finally back on this blog! I haven’t had much time to dedicate to my blog in the past weeks (it was a very full period!), but now I have less things to do, so I can publish new posts regularly.

I wanted to start the week with a pink nail polish that I love: Kiko Nail Lacquer n. 506 (Venus Pink).

This nail polish belongs to the permanent collection by Kiko: it comes inside the 11ml rectangular bottle typical of this brand, and it expires in 36 months.

The nail polishes of the permanent line by Kiko cost 2,90€ but they are very often discounted to 1€ or 1,90€.

The brush is flat but not too large and it makes nail polish application very easy.


Venus Pink is a lovely pastel pink with a cold undertone. It has a glossy creme finish and it shines a lot also without top coat, as you can see in my pictures (3 coats of nail polish – no top coat).

The formula is very nice: not too liquid nor too thick and self-leveling. This makes nail polish application very easy and comfortable. This nail polish also dries very quickly: I’m always in a rush so I really enjoy fast-drying nail polishes.


After one coat this nail polish is not fully opaque and it looks a little bit streaky. The colour gets much more opaque and uniform after two coats. In my pictures you see three coats of nail polish, but I can assure you that it looks great also with just two coats! 🙂


Finally, I got quite impressed by this nail polish because it lasted a lot: it stayed perfectly on my nails for 4-5 days without top coat!

I think that Venus Pink would be great for any occasion: it’s discreet and elegant, and it looks nice both alone and combined in nail arts (I already used it in this nail art).

You’ll have surely understood that I really like this nail polish: I just can’t find anything wrong in it! 😀 Obviously, it’s a very cold pink, so it would look better on some skin colours than on other ones, but if you like these shades you couldn’t miss it!

You can find Kiko products in their stores and on the online store.

What do you think about this pink nail polish? Do you like these shades or do you prefer something else?

See you soon!




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