Red Roses Romantic Nail Art


Hi girls!

Today I’m finally posting something new on my blog! Sadly it’s quite a busy period for me, so I don’t have much time to dedicate to this blog and I can post my articles only when I have some spare time. I hope I’ll be back soon!

Today I’m showing you a very romantic nail art I did for Valentine’s Day! If you are following me on Facebook/Instagram you’ll have probably already seen this manicure 😛

These are the products I used for this nail art:

I painted the roses and the leaves with acrylic colours and nail art brushes on the black nails. On the red nails I put some black 3D decorations, and in the end I applied one coat of glossy top coat to complete my nail art.

I think this nail art would be perfect not only for Valentine’s Day, but in many situations. It would be nice for spring, especially if you use pink and white instead of red and black.

Here you see another pic of this nail art, together with a love poem by Pablo Neruda (translated in Italian, sorry!) ♥


I hope you liked my nail art!





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