Native American Nail Art


Hi girls!

Today I’m showing you a Native American inspired nail art. I did it with some water decals I received from Born Pretty Store.

This sheet of water decals is quite big, and it contains many different coloured tribal designs: they are very cute and they match perfectly together!


I did a very simple nail art with those water decals: I just cut the designs I wanted to put on my nails and I combined them together.

I chose a pale creme yellow nail polish as a base, the Mi-Ny Glam Lacquer 32 (Yellow Mania).


The water decals are very easy to apply: you’ll just need to cut the design you want, remove the protective plastic film, soak them into water, wait about 30 seconds and then place the pattern on your nail!

After applying all the decals I wanted, I completed my manicure with a glossy top coat: the 4 in 1 Complete Care Base and Top Coat by P2 Cosmetics. Then I cleaned up my cuticles with a brush soaked into nail polish remover.


I really liked these water decals because designs are very colorful and high-detailed. They are very easy to use, you’ll just need to remember to remove the plastic protective film before soaking them into water! 😛


These “tribal” water decals are available in three different colour combinations (orange, green, red) and cost 3,23 USD. You can find them here: 1 Sheet Tribal Patterns Water Decals Nail Art Stickers.

Don’t forget to use my code DEGX31 to have a 10% off discount on your orders!

Have a nice week!




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