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Sorry that I don’t have many time to write in this blog in these days, but I’m quite busy so I manage only to post once a week. Anyway I hope you’ll like today’s nail art, that I did with some lovely 3D decorations by Born Pretty Store.


These 3D flatback pearl decorations come inside a small transparent plastic box: inside we have many flatback pearls in three different sizes. The pearls have a discreet pink iridescence, so they match perfectly with pink and purple nail polishes.

The small and medium size pearls are perfect both with short and long nails, while the big size ones look much better on long nails (they look too big on short/small nails).


I wanted to create a bon ton nail art, using pastel colours and trying to get an elegant but original style.

This is what I used to do this manicure:


The pink nail polish is Kiko 506 (Venus Pink): it’s a very elegant pastel pink with a creme finish. The white nail polish is Miss Marylin by Mi-Ny Cosmetics, which is the typical creme white glossy nail polish.

I decided to paint one coat of Kiko 214 (Pearly White) over the white nail polish to give a pearly finish to my nails.


First I painted three coats of pink nail polish on thumb, pointer and pinky, and two coats of white nail polish (+ one coat of pearly white nail polish) on middle and ring finger. Once it was dried i applied some scotch tape to divide in half the nail (I did it on my middle and ring finger nails). Then I painted those nails with pink nail polish and then I removed the tape.

In the end I applied top coat (Essence Gel-Look XXXL Volume Plumping Top Coat) and placed the decorations as you see in the pictures.


I love these decorations, I think they would be perfect for a special occasion elegant nail art. I like that they come in three different sizes, that’s good to make many different nail designs 🙂


These decorations cost 2,86 USD and you can find them here: Mini Pearl 3D Nail Decoration Flatback Nail Art Studs For UV Gel Nail Art. Plus, you can buy them with a 10% off discount by using my coupon code: DEGX31.

Born Pretty Store 10% off code: DEGX31

Born Pretty Store 10% off code: DEGX31

Hope you liked my nail art! Have a happy week!




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