Trebosi Gel Nail Polish, Luna

imageHi girls,

today I’m showing you the last item I received by the italian brand Trebosi: a lovely light blue gel nail polish! This gel nail polish is called Luna and it belongs to the Dea Collection of the Donna line by Trebosi.

All the Donna gel nail polishes by Trebosi work both with UV (120 seconds) or led lamp (30 seconds).


Inside the lovely cardboard box we find a bottle that contains 10ml of gel nail polish. It expires in 12 months.

imageAs base and top coat I used 2 in 1 Base and Top coat by Trebosi, which is a product I like very much (I reviewed it in this post). In my pictures you see two coats of Luna and one of top coat.

The brush is long and round, and it makes application very easy. The formula is a little bit thicker than Venere’s, but anyway it’s easy to apply and self-leveling. Luna is opaque after just one coat, while Venere needed two coats to look nice.
imageLuna is a light blue/grey nail polish perfect for winter. I like wearing it in winter because it remembers me the colour of the sky in a cold day.
At the same time, I think it would be great also for spring, because it’s a lovely pastel light blue.

In this picture I tried to capture the grey shade of this nail polish:

imageThis nail polish doesn’t last as long as Venere does: while Venere was perfect after a week, this one started chipping after 5 days. In any case I think that Luna has a good last, because I removed it after 8 days with only some chipping on my middle finger and on my pointer.

Luna is a soak off gel nail polish, so I just needed to soak my nails into pure acethone to remove it.

imageI posted some pictures of this nail polish on Instagram and Facebook last week, and many of you asked me if there is a “normal” nail polish (not a gel one) in a similar colour. In my opinion Miami Beach by the Italian brand Mi-Ny Cosmetics is a very good dupe: it’s a little more bright and less greyish than Luna, but it’s very similar to it!

Here you see the picture I posted last week:

imageLuna is a great gel nail polish that I would recommend to everyone: it has a very high quality and its colour is just amazing.

On my nails I prefer Venere, because I think it looks better than Luna on me and I love to wear that colour for many days! Anyway also Luna is adorable and I would totally recommend it to anyone who likes those shades of blue.

If you want to know more about Trebosi you can visit the official website of this brand.

That’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed my post!



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