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Hi girls!

Today I’m showing you an amazing blue nail polish by the Italian brand Bottega Verde. It comes inside a small 5ml bottle and it has no number but only a name: Blu Evasione.

Blu evasione

Bottega Verde is a well-known Italian brand, but I don’t know if it is sold also abroad. Anyway if you come to Italy you can visit their shops and buy some great products 🙂

This nail polish costs 4,99€, but luckily you can often find coupons and discounts on Bottega Verde‘s products.

The brush is small and round and it makes nail polish application very precise, even if I think that girls with long and large nails would prefer a bigger brush.



This nail polish is a lovely shade of blue between perwinkle and bluette. It has a glossy creme finish.

Formula is just perfect: this nail polish is super easy to apply and it dries very quickly. It’s opaque after just one coat, but I think that two coats make the colour deeper and more vibrant.

There’s only one thing I don’t like about this nail polish: it doesn’t last very long on nails. It chips very easily and it’s not very resistant, so I highly recommend to wear it with a good top coat to make it last 3-4 days. Anyway in these pictures you see the nail polish without top coat.


I love this blue because I think it’s perfect for almost every season, especially for spring and winter. For this reason I decided to wear this nail polish in the picture I used to join a frozen-themed Instagram giveaway. Here you can see my picture:

Instagram giveaway

I’m totally in love with this nail polish: I love the colour and the formula, and even if it doesn’t last long I solved the problem with a top coat.

If you are actually in Italy and you want to do some shopping you can use the 60% coupon (valid until November 18th) you find on Bottega Verde Facebook Page or at this link.




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