Kiko Quick Dry Nail Lacquer 819, Black

kikonero2.smallHi girls!

For Halloween I’m showing you a classical black nail polish. I’m looking for a nice black nail polish, possibly a one coater, so some months ago I decided to try Kiko Quick Dry Nail Lacquer 819 (Black).


This nail polish belongs to the Quick Dry collection by Kiko, which is part of the permanent line of the brand. This nail polish has a large and flat brush and inside we have 10ml of nail polish.

It costs 3.90€ but it’s usually discounted at 1,90€. It expires in 36 months.


kikonero1.bigI like the glossy finish of this nail polish and the depth of the colour, but I am not happy about the formula and about the drying time.

The formula is a little bit thick, so you have to do thicker coats to apply this nail polish: that means that the drying time gets longer. Sometimes it also happens that some small bubbles appear on the nail polish surface, so you have to be very careful when applying this nail polish.

One single coat is not enough to get a deep black, so you’ll definitely need two coats (as you can see in my pictures).

kikonero3.smallDrying time isn’t as fast as it is said on the bottle, also because this nail polish stays sticky for a while before being completely dried.

The colour is a full, deep and vibrant black and it lasts 3-4 days without top coat. I like that this nail polish stays glossy also after some days you are wearing it! In my pictures I’m not wearing top coat, but I must say that this nail polish is lovely with a gel effect top coat!

I don’t think this nail polish would be good for nail arts, because the colour isn’t deep at the first coat. For example, if you remember my poker nail art, you can see that the black stamped designs aren’t as black as they should.

kikonero4.smallIn my opinion this isn’t the perfect black nail polish I was looking for, so I don’t know if I’d recommend it. It has some problems, and even if they aren’t such big problems I’m sure that you can find much better black nail polishes.

So: if you have to buy a black nail polish and this one costs 3,90€ I think you should look for a better one, but if you find this one discounted and it costs only 1,90€ you can also consider the idea of buying it 🙂

You can find Kiko products in their stores and on the online store.

What do you think about it? Which black nail polishes have you tried?

And what are you doing tonight for Halloween?




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