Poker Nail Art

gioco2.smallHi girls!

Today I’m showing you a nail art inspired by card games. If you follow me on Instagram you have probably already seen some pictures of this nail design, and finally I’m publishing the detailed post!

I know I should have published this post on Thursday, but I had no Internet connection for some days so I had to wait until today: sorry!


gioco1.smallI love nail stamping, so I decided to try a stamping plate I bought some time ago from Born Pretty Store but never used before: I’m talking about BP-63 plate.

For this nail art I decided to try the advanced stamping tecnique, because I wanted to colour the images I was stamping.

First I applied two coats of red nail polish (Kiko 240, Apple Red) on my middle finger and two coats of white nail polish (Essence The Gel Nail Polish 33, Wild White Ways) on the other nails. Then I stamped the flowers’ design with a black nail polish (Kiko Quick Dry 819, Black) on my thumb, my pointer and my little finger.

On my middle and my ring finger I used the advanced stamping. To do this technique you need to transfer the image on the stamper and leave it on the stamper surface. Then with a small dotter fill in the parts of the image you want to be coloured and wait until they dry. Finally apply a top coat over the image and wait for about half an hour. Then pick the image as you would do with a nail sticker, place it onto your nail and apply a top coat over it. I used this technique for the king (the dress and the crown) and for the cards (I painted flowers and spades with black nail polish).

Then I corrected some details and small mistakes with a small brush and black acrylic painting.

Finally I applied Essence XXXL Volume Gel-Look Plumping Top Coat on all the nails.

gioco3.smallDo you like my nail art? I love it! 🙂 Don’t forget to follow me also on Instagram: @langolodeglismalti .

If you want a more detailed post about stamping just let me know! 🙂




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