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Hi girls!

Today I’m talking you about something very interesting: a set of Bohemian crystal nail files made by the Czech company Aveniro.

Glass nail files have always been my favourites, because of their durability and the way they work on my nails, so I was very excited when the Aveniro staff offered to send me their nail files!

Aveniro Ltd. is a manufacturer company that produces only manicure and pedicure products in Bohemian crystal. The company is based in Czech Republic but it is known and sells worldwide. Actually Aveniro is a wholesale company, which means that you can buy directly from its website only if you are buying 100+ pieces. Anyway, the Aveniro staff told me that they would like to open a e-shop on their website. In the end of this review I’m writing you the links to some online retailers and some ways to buy this nail files.

The products sold by this company include nail files in various shapes, lengths and grits, pedicure files and a very interesting multifunctional manicure stick. All their products can be decorated in various ways: you can choose the colour of your nail file, and on the nail files can be added prints, logos, crystal Swarovski stones, laser engravings, hand-paintings, metal decorations and so on.

I didn’t know Aveniro before, but now that I had the opportunity to try their nail files I’ll definitely recommend it. The thing I love of this company is its ability to transform a common thing like a glass nail file into a very unique and original product. Also the other products of the catalogue are really innovative and interesting!

I received three pointed nail files, a pedicure file and a manicure stick. As you can see they have an absolutely lovely appearance, and they are excellent products as well.

Let’s see them!

Nail files:

wpid-3lime-.jpg.jpegThese three nail files have the same roughness and they all work in the same way. They only differ aesthetically one from another: one is a classic medium-size nail file, the other is a medium-size nail file decorated with Swarovski crystals and the last one is a small-size nail file, which is about two times shorter than the others.

The decorated nail file comes inside a very elegant dark blue velvet case, while the others are inside a classical plastic case.


limasvar3I haven’t tried professional glass nail files before, but I was very surprised to see the big difference between these nail files and other “common” glass nail files.

The first thing I noticed when I saw these nail files is the thickness: they are at least two times thinner than the usual nail files! They are fine-grit nail files and they make nail filing very precise and neat!

The one decorated with Swarovski crystals is the one I like the most, and the crystals are placed on the nail file in a very secure way, so I don’t fear them to fall off. I used this nail file and washed it and I didn’t have any problem! Obviously, it’s a glass nail file, so I am always very careful when using it!

Here you see some macros of the Swarovski decoration!


Pedicure file:

limapiedi1This pedicure file is meant to be used instead of the pumice stone or the classical metal pedicure files. The two sides have two different grits: one is more rough than the other. I liked it very much because it’s delicate on skin but still very efficient.

It’s also very reliable because it can be washed and lasts forever: if you don’t break it you can use it for ages!

Also this file comes inside a plastic bag. Below you see the picture of the nail file outside the case.


Manicure stick:


wpid-stick.jpgLast, but not least, the very special manicure stick! This stick is made entirely of glass and it has two different ends: one has a flat bevelled surface, and the other has a pointed tip. This stick can be used to push back cuticles! The pointed tip is intended to be used to remove dirt under the nails, but I used it to be even more precise when pushing back my cuticles. The two ends of this manicure stick have an abrasive surface that can be used to file your nails and shape them.

I find this stick very useful to push back my cuticles, because it’s more delicate on skin and nails than the classical wooden sticks, and it works better than the plastic ones.

This stick comes inside a plastic case that protects it from possible damages. In my opinion it’s very useful and reliable, and you can also bring it with you in your bag!

Here are the pictures of the two ends of this stick:



These files by Aveniro are really excellent and they work perfectly! So, the real question is: how to buy them? 😀

If you are a merchant or a company you can contact them directly from the Contact section of the Aveniro Ltd. official website. By contacting them you’ll have to buy at least 100 items!

There are also some retailers of their products, but they are not so easy to find. Anyway, these are the links to two of the retailers of this brand:

In my opinion, if you aren’t a company and you want to buy their nail files, the best thing to do is to look for many people who want to buy these files and then make a cumulative order directly from the official website (on Facebook there are many groups that organize cumulative orders!).

If you want to know more about the brand and these products you can visit its website or its official Facebook page.




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