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Hi girls!

Today I’m showing you a quick dry spray by P2 Cosmetics. I have reviewed two other products by this brand, a red nail polish and a pocket nail file.

This quick dry spray is sold inside a square bottle of opaque glass. Inside we have 10ml of product that expires in 24 months. On the bottle is written in German:

unterstützt die schnelle Trocknung des Nagelackes

That should mean: “it helps nail polish dry faster”.


If you have read my opinions about Essence Express Dry Drops you’ll probably know that I didn’t like those fast dry drops. So I was really excited to try this spray by P2 Cosmetics, because I was hoping to find a valid and good-working fast dry product.

I must say it’s an excellent product: it really works and shortens nail polish drying times, in 1-2 minutes you’re nail polish will be perfect! This spray will create a oily coat over your nail polish: don’t worry because this coat dries very fast and when it’s dried your nail polish is dried too!

I love this spray because it really helps my nail polish dry quickly! 🙂


Definitely this is a great fast dry product and also very cheap: it costs only 2,49€ (Italian price)! I’m always impatient and this is the ideal product for me 😀

You can get further information about P2 Cosmetics by visiting their official website or the Italian Facebook page.

On Friday I’ll publish the review of the last product P2 Cosmetics sent me: a lovely sand effect nail polish!

Have a good week!




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