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wpid-lima1.jpgHi ladies!

Today I’m showing you another product I received from P2 Cosmetics, a pocket nail file.

Last week I reviewed a lovely dark red nail polish by this brand, you can read the review here.


This cardboard nail file is sold inside a plastic box very solid and resistant, that allows you to bring this nail file in your bag wherever you want! On the box we read “ideal für unterwegs geeignet”, which should mean “ideal for traveling” (let me know if I’m wrong!).

Packaging is essential but cute: both the nail file and the box are in a aqua green colour and have black writings.


The sides of this nail file have two different functions: the one where is written “kürzen/shorten” is abrasive and rough and it’s perfect to shorten your nails quickly and precisely. The other side is less abrasive and is intended to file and give a shape to your nails (it’s written “formen/file” on it).


I usually give a square shape to my nails, and when they become too long I use this file in that way: first I use the most abrasive side to shorten my nails, being careful to keep the nail margin perfectly straight, then with the less abrasive side I give some final adjustements to my nail shape.

When filing your nails always keep in mind to go just in one direction, do not go back and forth if you don’t want to ruin your nails.


In the last times I mainly used glass and metal nail files, because I didn’t like the cardboard files I tried until now. This cardboard nail file was different because, despite of the abrasive side, it’s very delicate on nails and doesn’t ruin them at all. This nail file is also very reliable and easy to bring with you in any circumstance!

In Italy this nail file costs 1,99€, so if you find it in stores and you need a nail file this could be a great choice!

You can get further information about P2 Cosmetics by visiting their official website or the Italian Facebook page.

Have a great weekend!




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