Essence The Gel Nail Polish 31, Electriiiiiic

blu2.smallHello ladies!

Today I’m talking you about a nail polish that I didn’t like at all: it’s part of The Gel Nail Polish collection by Essence and its name is Electriiiiiic (n. 31). I think it was probably one of the worst nail polishes I bought this summer.


blu.smallI didn’t like this nail polish for many reasons.

1) The formula is awful, very thick and gummy. It’s impossible to make thin coats.

2) It takes ages to dry. Also when you may think it’s dried, it’s not: you’ll find it as soon as you touch something with your nails.

3) It’s not a one-coater. Ok, this is usually not so bad, but in this case it is: when you are forced to make thick coats and the nail polish never dries, the last thing you want is to make a second coat. But you have to.

4) It makes a lot of horrible small bubbles on the nail surface, as you can see in my pictures. You can only hope to cover them with a good top coat.

First I was hoping that all this problems were caused by the high summer temperatures, so I waited until September to publish the review. Now we have normal temperature and humidity level, but this nail polish still has this problems. I also kept it away from heat and light and I stored it perfectly closed, so this nail polish has no excuses.

I can’t tell if I was just unlucky and I bought a defective product or if all this blue nail polishes are like mine, but in any case my experience with this nail polish was horrible and I won’t suggest you to buy it, even if it costs only 1,99€.

Luckily not all the nail polishes from The Gel Nail Polish collection by Essence are so bad. I tried two other colors from the same line and they were excellent. So, if you want to try some of them, do that, they’re great! But stay away from the blue one 😀

See you soon!



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