Red Carpet Manicure, Gel Polish Pro Kit

semi_smallHello ladies,

today I’m talking about the Gel Polish Pro Kit by Red Carpet Manicure. The kit contains all you need to make a perfect manicure with semi permanent nail polish.

Red Carpet Manicure is an American brand sold in Italy by QVC Italia, that kindly sent me this kit. If you want to visit the official Red Carpet Manicure website just click here.


Semipermanente Red Carpet Manicure – Gel Polish Pro Kit

The kit contains all you need for a perfect gel polish manicure:

  • instructions manual
  • cleanser Purify pre and post application
  • primer Prep
  • LED base coat Structure
  • LED gel nail polish (mine is n. 751, Caramel Moments)
  • LED top coat Brilliance
  • cuticle oil Revitalise
  • gel nail polish remover Erase (contains acethone)
  • professional LED lamp (3 leds, 6 watt)

The cleanser (blue) and the remover (pink) come in two plastic bottles of 59 ml each. The primer, the base coat, the nail polish, the top coat and the cuticle oil come in 9ml bottles and expire in 18 months.

If you want to read the ingredient list of the single product you can find it in this pdf document.

Red Carpet Manicure - LED Nail Gel Polish 751 - Caramel Moments

Semipermanente Red Carpet Manicure – LED Nail Gel Polish 751 – Caramel Moments



For a perfect semi permanent manicure you’ll need to do a basic nail care treatment: take care of your cuticles and buff your nail.

Then apply the cleanser Purify and the primer Prep. They are both good products, they aren’t too aggressive and they clean and prepare perfectly your nails.

Now you are ready to start! Apply a thin coat of the base coat Structure (be very precise, and if you go out of the nail clean your skin with a brush and some cleanser) and then make it dry for 30 seconds under the LED lamp.

Then apply one thin coat of the led gel polish. In the pictures you see n. 751, Caramel Moments, a beige nude nail polish with a cold lilac undertone. It has also a fine silvery shimmer! It’s the perfect nude for girls with pale skin and cold undertone, and it’s a great everyday nail polish choice. I find it great also for a bridal manicure, because it’s very discreet.

Make it dry for 45 seconds under the lamp (the lamp turns off itself after 45 seconds, so you don’t have to count) and then apply a second coat. As always, be careful not to paint your cuticles, and if you do that clean them with some cleanser before drying nail polish under the lamp. Make the second coat dry for 45 seconds and then you are ready for top coat!

Apply a thin coat of top coat Brilliance and then put your hands under the lamp for 45 seconds. After that clean the nail surface with a cotton pad and the cleanser Purify. Your manicure is done!


Maintenance, durability and removal



Semipermanente Red Carpet Manicure – 5° giorno

I had semi permanent nail polish on my nails for a week. In this week I didn’t have to think about my manicure or to take care of it. I only had to nourish my cuticles to keep them hydrated. I used the cuticle oil of the kit: it has a lovely smell and it absorbs immediately, while it hydrates cuticles very well.

My manicure was very resistant: it has been perfect for days, and also the top coat stayed glossy as the first day. After five days the surface had some little scratches, but it was barely noticeable.

You can see how my manicure looked at the fifth day in the picture above.

After a week I decided to remove it (I just wanted to change my nail polish color!). First I scratched the glossy surface with a nail file, and then I put some Erase remover on cotton pads and I wrapped them to my fingers with some aluminium paper. I waited for about 15 minutes and then I removed it: nail polish went away as a thin foil.

The Erase remover contains acethone so it is a little bit aggressive and it could dry your skin a little. So my advice is to wash your hands after removing the nail polish and to apply a good hydrating hand product.

I didn’t try semi permanent nail polish before, so this kit was a surprise for me. I found it very easy to use, even if I was a beginner, thanks also to the instructions card included. It contains all you need for a perfect manicure and also the LED lamp is great: it doesn’t require maintenance and it’s also small and handy.

All the products included have a great quality, especially the cleanser, the primer and the cuticle oil.

I never tried other gel nail polish kits, but I’d recommend you this kit if you want to buy one, also if you are a beginner like I was.

In the USA it is sold for 90$, here you find the link to the official website: Pro Kit Red Carpet Manicure.

I hope you enjoyed my review!

Have a nice day,



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