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Essence Express Dry DropsGood morning girls!

Today I’m reviewing Express Dry Drops by Essence. I’m always in a hurry and sometimes I don’t have time to wait until my nail polish is dry. These Express Dry Drops promised to make nail polish dry in 60 seconds, so I decided to give them a try and buy them.

These fast dry drops come in a 8ml bottle with a dropper to dispense the product. It expires in 30 months.

On the bottle there are some instructions for the use:

Quick drying drops that dry nailpolish within seconds: apply 1-2 express dry drops on to your freshly polished nails.

Essence Express Dry DropsI found tons of enthusiastic reviews about this product on the Internet, but I must say that my opinion is completely different because I didn’t like this product for two reasons.

First, these drops don’t make nail polish dry in 60 seconds as promised: I tried them on many different nail polishes and no one dried in 60 seconds. Of course, they make drying time faster, but they absolutely don’t work in a minute. After 60 second your nails seem dry only to the touch (thanks also to the oily formula), but you’ll have to wait more time to start doing things without ruining your manicure.

Second: they have a greasy formula that makes your fingers oily until you wash them. This oily formula creates a protective shield onto the nail that protects wet nail polish from damages. Personally I didn’t like this formula at all: even after washing hands nails are still a bit greasy and I can assure you that applying a second coat of nail polish or making a nail art over a greasy, oily nail isn’t easy at all!

I think that Express Dry Drops by Essence work nicely if you want to shorten nail polish drying process, but sadly they don’t do miracles. In my opinion they can be useful only with nail polishes that dry in a very long time.

Honestly I am not happy about this product and I won’t buy it again: I prefer waiting some more time (and eventually applying a quick-dry top coat) instead of having my hands oily and greasy.

Have you ever tried fast dry products? Which ones? Did you liked them or not? Let me know!



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