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logo-bloglovin1 Hello everyone! Today I’m not talking about nail polish or nail art as usual, but about a website that I find very useful for bloggers and blog-lovers: Bloglovin’. I have been using Bloglovin’ for a while and I think that it’s one of the best ways to follow the blogs you like, but it’s still unknown to many people. So I decided to tell you something about it and explain how it works.


What is Bloglovin’?

Bloglovin’ is an online web platform (RSS reader) that allows you to follow the blogs you like and to read their new articles in the same feed. Once you logged in you will find on the homepage all the new articles from the blogs you follow. You can visit Bloglovin’ from your computer and also from your smartphone. Bloglovin’ mobile app is available for Android (Google Play Store), iPhone and iPad (App Store), so that you can read your favourite blogs everywhere you are!


How does Bloglovin’ work?

First you need to sign in. You can sign in with your Facebook profile or just with your email address. No personal data required: you’ll need just a name (it could be your full name or even a nickname) and your email address. Bloglovin’s homepage shows all the new articles from the blogs you follow. You can “like” your favourite articles and even share them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or email. When you read a post (or you mark it as read) it disappears from your homepage: Bloglovin’s homepage shows only the posts you haven’t read yet. On the sidebar of the homepage you see the lists of the blogs you follow: if you want to read the articles of one blog just click on its name. bloglovin1


Which blogs can I follow?

You can follow every website with a RSS feed. So you can follow every blog you want (Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr), but also every website that publishes articles, such as online newspapers. You can follow your favourite blogs by 1) clicking on the “follow me on Bloglovin’” button that you can find on the blog b) searching it directly from Bloglovin’ (just type the blog URL or the blog name). Bloglovin’ icon is a “+” or the logo “bloglovin’“.

I have a blog. How do I connect my blog to my Bloglovin’ account?

Once signed in you’ll just have to go on SettingsAdd blog Claim blog and then follow the instructions. Your blog can be read and followed on Bloglovin’ even if you don’t claim the blog.


How do I use Bloglovin’?

On the image you see the top menu bar:

  1. Homepage: here you see the new articles published by the blogs you follow
  2. Same as 1.
  3. Here you see the most popular posts on Bloglovin’ divided into categories. These are not necessarily the posts from the blogs you follow!
  4. Here is a list of the blogs you might be interested to follow. They are divided into categories too.
  5. Notifications! (new followers, likes and so on)
  6. Here you can open the menu.
  7. Click here to see your profile.
  8. [BLOGGERS ONLY] Your Bloglovin’ blog stats.
  9. [BLOGGERS ONLY] Here you find many designs of “follow me on Bloglovin’button to add to your blog.
  10. If you have logged in with Facebook you can see which Facebook friends use Bloglovin’.
  11. Here you can see the complete list of the blogs you follow. You can divide them into categories and create new categories. You can also decide if you want to follow some blogs privately: these blogs won’t be shown on your profile. Finally, you can unfollow the blogs you don’t like anymore.
  12. Here you can change your account settings. You can change your email and your password and select the language (actually only English and Swedish available!). You can also add more information to your profile: you can change the name, choose an URL for your Bloglovin’ account, add a profile picture, write something about you and add your location. Here you can also change your email notifications settings, login with Facebook and choose the Bloglovin’ reading settings. Finally you can import blogs from Google Reader. Here you can also delete your account.
  13. Help: FAQ and ideas to improve Bloglovin’.
  14. Click here to log out.
  15. Here you can search blogs: just write the blog URL or the blog name to find it on Bloglovin’.

That’s all you need to know about Bloglovin’! Sorry for the loooong post today, anyway I hope it was helpful! This evening I won’t take part to the fifth episode of SmaltoPedia 2.0, because I didn’t have enough time (and courage :D) to do today’s nail art. See you next post and…don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’! 😀


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