Autumn Nails with Gold Leaf

oro1Hello boys and girls!

Today I want to show you a nail art dedicated to autumn. I chose the typical autumnal colours: many lovely shades of brown, copper and gold, just like the leaves and the warm sunlight of this season.

I decided to place some gold leaf pieces on a beautiful brown polish. Initially I wanted my nail art to be an accent manicure, so I placed the gold leaf only on my ring finger:

I liked my accent manicure, though I was not completely happy about my nail art, because it seemed too simple and incomplete, as if something was still missing. So I decided to place the gold leaf on every nail and my nail art looked much better!

This beautiful brown polish is the Scented Nail Enamel n.100 (Autumn Spice) by Revlon Parfumerie. I love this nail polish, it’s a beautiful shade of warm brown with a lot of golden sparkles: under the sunlight the sparkles assume a lot of various colours that go from gold to copper, orange and even purple/fuchsia. Soon I’ll publish the detailed review of this nail polish.

I cut the gold leaf into small pieces and I placed them over my nail with a dotting tool. I placed my gold leaf pieces on a wet coat of top coat. Then I applied a final coat of Essence Better Than Gel Nails top coat to make my nail art shine.

oro2I hope you liked my nail art! I find it perfect for this season and it’s really easy and quick to do. I really like the way the gold leaf matches this beautiful polish.

Let me know if you liked my nail art! Which version of this nail art do you prefer? The accent manicure or the other one?




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