Bershka Nail Colour Set, Nail Matt Neon

Bershka - Nail Colour Set - Nail Matt Neon

Bershka – Nail Colour Set – Nail Matt Neon

Good morning girls and boys!

Some days ago I went to Bershka and I casually found this nice nail polish set! I have always wanted neon nail polishes, and they were tempting me sooo much that I decided to buy them. I didn’t found any review about this set on the Internet, so I decided to talk you about them as soon as possible.

The three polishes inside this set have a neon and also a matt finish. They don’t have a glow-in-the-dark effect, but I think they may glow under UV lights. I’m not sure about that, because when I painted my nails with the fuchsia neon polish I added two coats of Essence‘s Glow in the Night top coat: then I went under an UV light and my nails were beautifully shining. I can’t say if it happened thanks to the neon polish or to the top coat…I’ll let you know! 🙂

These three polishes are in 7ml small bottles made of opaque glass. They expire in 12 months.

This nail polish set costs 6,99€, so we can say that every polish is 2,33€. I’m showing you the swatches of the three polishes, because they are not sold separately. The nail polishes don’t have any name or number. Sorry for my short nails, but they are growing fast! 😀


Bershka – Nail Matt Neon – Fucsia Fluo – 1 white base coat + 2 coats – direct sunlight

First I tried the fuchsia neon one. The colour is beautiful and really eye-catching! I painted two coats of it over a white nail polish base (the white polish I used is Shaka 101 – Matt White). Finally I applied two coats of Essence‘s Glow in the Night top coat. I like pretty much the look this polish gives to my nails: it almost looks like a gel-effect nail polish! The formula isn’t easy to apply, and I think that also the brush is too big: it’s quite impossible to be precise and to avoid painting cuticles! It dries in a very looong time, so be patient or use fast dry drops 😀


Bershka – Nail Matt Neon – Arancione Fluo – 1 white base coat + 2 coats – indirect sunlight

I like the orange one less than the others: it doesn’t look good on my pale skin, I think it would look much better on a dark or tanned skin. This polish is really really difficult to apply and dries in long long long LONG time. Just imagine that after two hours it wasn’t completely dried!!! In the picture you see two coats of orange neon polish over a white base.

Bershka - Nail Matt Neon - Giallo Fluo - 1 white base coat + 3 coats - direct sunlight

Bershka – Nail Matt Neon – Giallo Fluo – 1 white base coat + 3 coats – indirect sunlight

The yellow polish is probably the one I love the most: I just love it on my nails and my skin and it’s sooo bright! In this case I applied three yellow polish coats over one white polish coat. Two coats of this yellow polish weren’t enough, it needs at least three coats to be perfect. This one was easier to apply than the others, but it dries in a lot of time too.

I love the colours of these three nail polishes! Neon polishes are not so easy to find: if you like them and can’t find them anywhere just try at Bershka!

These polishes last about 3 days without top coat on my nails. Sadly I can wear them only when I have a lot of time and patience, because they take ages to dry.

Finally, I would like to give you some general advice about neon polishes:

1) Always protect your natural nail with a good nail base, because neon polishes tend to be more “aggressive” than other nail polishes. I used Kiko 3 in 1 white base.

2) If you want neon polishes to be bright and highly coloured just paint your nail with a white polish before applying neon polishes.

3) If you want your nails to be even more original add two coats of a glow in the dark top coat, like Essence‘s Glow in the night top coat.

4) Personally, I tend to wear neon polishes with dark and neutral clothing (black, blue, grey, white,…).

I like these polishes, but sadly I’m not totally in love with them, because I don’t like the formula, the brush and the time they need to dry. It’s a pity because the colours are great!!!

Do you like neon polishes? Which polish of this set do you like the most? I hope my review was helpful!




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